code_as_life experiments with code in a freeform manner, allowing the result to emerge as the code transforms into images.

The work simultaneously recognizes that there is life in the coding process, which can be complex and spontaneous. It also acknowledges code as the foundational element of life, as in the DNA code, coordinating organisms according to rules within the dynamics of life.

Code as raw material is free to modify itself under the world around it; only through transformation does life acquire its most fundamental characteristic — the ability to survive through adaptation to the medium.

Multiple cell nuclei are uncommon, but we can find them in bone cells in the human body and in other species. When multiple cell nuclei occur in the artwork, they collide and create a kind of chaos in the work that makes it even more dynamic.

There is something that is not evident, this work is the result of a long journey thinking about code as life. In my doctorate I have been investigating how the code in its most general form (which also includes DNA), when open, when it is open to transforming with the environment, enables dynamics that mimic life. Which is the same case as the DNA code and the linguistic code, which transform over time.

The collection emerged spontaneously, through a creative process that revealed itself as the code was explored. The first inspiration was rhythm, based on previous works I explored how they could combine, in the end the shape of the cell emerged, and I adopted it as a happy discovery.

Music by Oleg.